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ITR Services EOOD is a specialised company that offers a wide range of services in the field of information technology. Founded in 2014, the company has completed over 300 projects as part of the Geotechmin Group. Our team specializes in the implementation of projects in the field of enterprise data networks, business management and analysis systems, information security, private cloud development.

Our company's mission is to support modernisation, digital transformation and business continuity using information technology and software for a more efficient future.

  • Electric Vehicles Industrial Cluster
  • Bulgarian Electric Vehicles Association
  • Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry



Information Systems

Consulting, building and maintenance of server systems, virtual technologies, information security systems, network infrastructure and IP-based PBX; solutions for centralised management of user and device identities. Database modelling and administration.


Software Development

Design and development of software applications with most current technologies and tools. Entirely web-based solutions covering a wide range of business cases that optimize processes in the work environment regardless of the field of activity. Our development priorities ensure the easy and convenient user access, intuitive operation, security and sustainability.


GPS Systems

Fleet management with state-of-the-art software and hardware solutions. Control of company car usage, driver identification, monitoring of compliance with traffic laws and safe driving, optimization of fuel and vehicle maintenance costs, mileage reports and electronic way bills, fuel control and abuse prevention.


Graphic and Web Design

Design, development and implementation of websites; SEO optimization; logo design, corporate identity and multimedia processing.


Business Systems

Design and implementation of business management systems; analysis and optimization of business processes; audit and re-engineering of implemented solutions.


Commercial Activity

Sales, supply and consulting for the selection of information and communication equipment and software licenses.

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Private Cloud

Implementation of secure, reliable and redundant dynamic virtual private network between offices and data centrers in-country and abroad.


Implementation of private cloud management systems with redundant fail-over services.


Implementation of data storage systems and replication to another locations.


Implementation of identity management systems in enterprise environment and addition of multi-factor identity authentication.


Implementation of a corporate email inbox and systems to protect against malicious messages.

Business Processes

Implementation of document turnover management systems in the area of office and contract management, integration with other data systems.


Implementation of an ERP systems in the areas of sales and accounting.


Implementation of a secure printing, digitisation and automation systems for document scanning and storage.

Mining Activity

Development and implementation of information systems designed for geological management and reporting of ore quantity and grade in open pit and block mining conditions.


Development and implementation of software products to centrally store ore samples data and optimize the process of tracking ore samples from the time they are collected on-site to the chemical assay result.


Development and implementation implementation of software to support operations in laboratories for chemical analysis of ore and water samples by administering clients, storing and providing access to assay results, custom reports, processing assay requests, etc.

Human Resources

Development and implementation of software for collection and storage of analytical data relating to employees in companies or group of related companies. Provides quick and easy access to the necessary data in tabular and graphical form.


Development and implementation of software for the processing and monitoring of absenteeism of any type of the employees in a company which optimizes the requesting process, as well as the administrative activities of processing and managing them.

Software Products



A web application for managing absences, holidays and working from home. Each instance is customisable to the client's needs and their workflow, setting the appropriate steps and criteria for requesting and approving requests. Allows for custom reports, emails and reports.



A web application for administering quantitative and qualitative human resource metrics organised according to the client's needs - by company, group of companies, department, etc. Provides centralised data storage, real-time delivery of required information and retrieval in customised graphs and electronic files.


MDS Software

Integration between web and mobile application. Optimises sample tracking, providing real-time information on the status and stage that each sample is going through. The web application performs the "administrative" function of centrally storing the information, while the mobile application is a support tool that is used to enter the data as samples are collected on-site.



Fleet tracking and control system, zones and routes, fuel control, on-board computer connection, driver identification, driver behaviour monitoring (speeding, aggressive driving, etc.), automated reports, service interval monitoring.



Web application to support laboratory activities for the analysis of ore and water samples. It consists of two access areas - a client area covering the submission of analysis requests, viewing and downloading of results in an electronic version (word, excel) and a laboratory area through which users (laboratory technicians) process analysis requests, enter results, administer clients, laboratory units and electronic logbooks and generate reports.



Integrated system with ChemLabSoft to provide a complete end-to-end process loop for tracking ore samples. Enter and store sample information, generate and print barcode labels, track chemical analysis status.

Opportunities for development

The team of ITR Services is formed by young and highly qualified specialists who work with priority on improving the quality of provided complex services. The company has an excellent system of professional training and takes care to promote the development of its employees. Our company culture is liberal, flexible and strives to combine the needs of the business and the individual.

ITR Services supports the development of future professionals in the field of information and communication technologies.  The company annually offers internship opportunities for young people to develop their professional skills in a real business environment under the guidance of experienced mentors.





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